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The Science Behind IG Success

Becoming an influencer or growing your business on Insta is not random. It's marketing. I break down the science and systems you need to understand and implement.


How To Go From Chaos to Clarity

Frustrated battling the algorithm? Overwhelmed with trying things that don't move the needle? I'm going to clarify what you need to do step by step.


How To Create Content that Converts

Having a proven system in place to convert your ideal followers is the key to an engaged community that loves your content! 

""I enjoyed every second of this workshop, and learned SO MUCH, it's SO USEFUL for growing my IG. Thank you Masha!""

Marina F.


Have your mind blown. You will have Lifetime Access to the training, and get a 12 page Workshop Workbook so you can take action right away!

"Your workshop is excellent! I've listened to other 'Insta experts' and you deliver the message in a way that makes the most sense! Thank you!"

Melanie T.

Instagram can be so demoralizing... I've been there.

Have you spent countless hours creating content and posting on Insta, only to feel that depressing punch in your gut of 'nobody cares'?

You try so hard but all you get are crickets. Some likes and comments from friends and family, and that anxious disappointment: the engagement you hoped for versus the reality of being invisible.

Then you binge on content from influencers and celebs who have raving fans. And you start comparing and doubting your content and your self.

You try to engage here and there, you try different hashtags and random tactics, but nothing is working. Your followers barely grow and you just want to give up because you feel so frustrated. It seems impossible.

I see so many moms give up their insta dreams because they don't have an effective marketing system in place.

Let me help you! Join me as I teach my step by step strategy, so you can take the guesswork and overwhelm out of the game and cultivate an engaged community that goes crazy over your content!

"Seriously taking pictures of your slides for ideas! Amazing class! My head is spinning with ideas! Thank you!"

Jocelyn M.

"This workshop course teaches actionable advice that gets REAL, VISIBLE RESULTS. There is so much content and value packed into two hours here, but Masha breaks it down simply and succinctly so you never feel overwhelmed. I’m INSPIRED!"

Kate B.

About Me...

Hi friend, I'm Masha from @livlunamasha, girlmom times two, and wife of a giant living in a magical treehouse in CT, USA. 

I've built my Instagram from 600 friends and family followers to over 22k engaged followers in one year. And I've made thousands of dollars in collabs with my account!

I did this while working my full-time job and momming littles.

I have over a decade of award-winning marketing experience, and I'm passionate about sharing my know how and empowering moms to create fulfilling and lucrative side hustles on the gram!

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