Go from Confused to Confident in 30 Minutes with this Step by Step Training!


What You'll Learn:


Grow Followers & Reach

Reels are the number one way to grow NOW, and reach new audiences! I gain new followers with every Reel, and get traction on weeks-old Reels. My client got 3k+ views with her second ever Reel and less than 500 followers!


Grow Your Email List

Reels are amazing for list building and announcing your offer, product, or freebie. I  got over 100 new subscribers with only ONE Reel (and it wasn't great)! Don't miss out on this opp to create content that converts right away.


Land Clients & Reach Customers

Reach far beyond your existing audience! My client booked a four figure client with less than 400 followers and ONE Reel! Another client is reaching thousands of new potential customers even though she has less than 1k followers, and is generating dozens of warm leads from her Reels.


Student Love:

"I tried Reels and couldn't figure it out. Masha has a way of teaching that makes things so easy! Her Reels training is a STEAL! Seriously, it's worth soooo much more. After posting my first Reel, I got a client from it! I couldn't believe it!"

Gaby A.

"I've been blown away with Masha's coaching. I created my first ever Reel after taking Feels for Reels, and that gave me the courage to create a 2nd, which reached over 3k people in a 24hr period when I only have 430 followers! Masha not only knows her stuff, she makes IG doable and fun!"

Jodie H.

"Masha's Reels training challenged me to do my first Reel, and one of my Reels got 1k views in under an hour! Her training takes you through everything step-by-step and makes it very simple! If you're on the fence about it, DO IT! You won't regret it, and you'll have fun doing it!"

Jenna N.

About Me...

I'm Masha, Instagram mom coach, founder of The Mom to Momfluencer™ Method, girlmom times two, and wife of a giant living in a magic treehouse in CT, USA. 

I've built my Instagram from 600 friends and family followers to over 22k engaged followers in one year. Now I make 5k months, and I just hit my first 5 figure month!

I've done this as a side hustle while working my full-time job and momming littles.

I'm passionate about coaching and empowering moms to create fulfilling and lucrative businesses on Instagram!

Come follow me @livlunamasha and @momtomomfluencer! Here I am in my kitchen, which is where I probably am right now snacking...